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Optimized for PC with mouse (Windows 10 + Chrome or Firefox). May not work on mobile devices (iOS, Adroid + Safari, etc.).
Primes Explores the swiftness of JavaScript finding prime numbers, using Eratosthenes' sieve.
Viewer Photo display using JavaScript.
Inversion Pixel manipulation.
rgb Pixel manipulation.
DLA Difussion-limited aggregation.  OBS: This program is CPU-intensive!
Elastic collision Billiard ball physics.        
Time's arrow Irreversible time from reversible kinetics, dS / dt > 0.    
Guess a bird Guess a bird from its voice!
p.s. also in Danish.
Cellular automaton Conway's 'Game of Life'.        
Rotating sphere 3D.  
Dragging and throwing Kinematics.        
Dynamic web Point objects crossing the screen are connected as long as their distance is smaller than a certain value.
Smooth randomness Perlin noise. Pixel manipulation.    


Perlin noise. Hexagonal grid distortion.